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Published in General on 22-Nov-2011


I have played around with the idea of creating a tech blog for some time now, but I wasn't sure I really had enough to say to warrant it.  What finally made me decide that I did want to start writing about some of my adventures in programming was somewhat selfish.  

There are many things in software development that I have had to do several times, but not regularly enough that I end up committing them to memory.  Usually, when it comes time to implement a feature like this, I end up doing a bit of Googling to refresh my memory, and usually have to end up checking out a half dozen web sites, including technical documentation, APIs and other blogs, before I remember all the details necessary.

So, in an effort to save time, I thought that it might be a good idea if I try to aggregate some of this information together in one place.  Not only does it help me solidify it in my memory, but it ensures that I can easily find it again, without having to turn to Google, or digging desperately through my browser history, a few months or years down the road when I need it next.

Hopefully some of you are trying to implement some of the things I will write about here, and I hope that I will be able to save you some time by doing the legwork in advance.

I am primarily an Enterprise Software developer, specializing in Java Enterprise Edition, although I have done a fair bit of Enterprise .NET development as well.  I believe strongly in open source software, and one of the things I most like about Java is the huge and diverse open source community that has sprung up around it.  I am interested in all facets of application development, from desktop and web UI development, to database development and everything in between.  I develop primarily using Linux, although I haven't yet completely been able to free myself of Windows, and I hope to include several articles on this blog related to enterprise software development using the Linux OS.

I sincerely would appreciate any feedback you have on any of the articles I present here.  I do on occasion (and sometimes frequently) get things wrong and I would be pleased to make any corrections or updates that are necessary.  Also, if you know of a better way of doing something than what I present in the various articles here, please let me know.  I am always interested in learning and improving.


Daniel Morton 

About the Author


Daniel Morton is a Software Developer with Shopify Plus in Waterloo, Ontario and the co-owner of Switch Case Technologies, a software development and consulting company.  Daniel specializes in Enterprise Java Development and has worked and consulted in a variety of fields including WAN Optimization, Healthcare, Telematics, Media Publishing, and the Payment Card Industry.